Notice of absence: SwordMaster_

Hey do to the fact that i recently got my laptop taken away and my grades not being where i intend them to be at, i will not be on minecraft for quite some time. i may check the forums and the live server maps. If i do get my laptop back i may visit the server sometime, if you need to get a hold of me (god knows why with my skill level at -001) and i have my laptop, ill more than likely be on steam. i will check my PM’s at school (pcb is not blocked there) i will ocasionally check up on that.

as of now, i will be visiting the server less often.

for my subscribers on Youtube, well do to ^ i will not be uploading many videos.

(i would never think i would ever make one of these :frowning: )

best hopes and wishes

(im not leaving the server totally for those of you who will ask)

Hope you can bring your grades back up soon. I know it’s difficult for me to keep mine up. XD However i am working on bringing them back up, had a tough time getting into the swing of things this year. Ended up starting my spanish class with a C cuz i didn’t turn in a few papers. :confused:

!Aye caramba! No es bueno. Good luck sword! Get dem marks up!!!


get those grades up mate

Yes… the alot of cat in the pants… :stuck_out_tongue:

:frowning: Good luck with school and shiz

School, the love/hate of all teens. Love friends, hate work. xD

so true. +1 :smiley: But good luck sword! Espero que puedan obtener sus grados de nuevo pronto!