Not Again QQ

The demons are attacking our server! Kill them before they lay eggs!


Seems to be down… AGAINNNN >:( I was workin’ on mah SprucePine town hall, lol.

Added a poll, it’s a conversation starter :stuck_out_tongue:

ah maaannnn… now i have time to do you my homework :’(

I hate homework, I haven’t gone back to school yet so I’m still homework free!

DANG YOU ROBIN! XD I dont have any homework this weekend :smiley: Yay

Hmm seems like we have a 3 way poll tie currently

Now it’s a 4-way vote tie!

Woo! lol, is it just me or does it rhyme?

It’s a song, YouTube it pie “Dumb ways to die”

Back up. There is a rogue plugin causing the server to shut down. I have no idea what is causing it.

Grizzy baer!

It’s done it again… 1/6/2012 10:36AM Pacific time zone <— When it crashed

Apperantly the majority of voters don’t care about their private parts, that’s not healthy

Meanwhile i’ve been derping on FTB… I can’t craft so im cheating in everything and I have a 64x64 quarry… over 2000 stacks of cobble and its no where near done.

Unhealthy and apparently majority of the voters don’t want to have kids or have no shame whatsoever. I mean at least let the piranha take you to dinner first. :stuck_out_tongue: