North American Solar Eclipse 2017

~ Our highschool distributed eclipse glasses and we went outside for an hour to witness the event.

Area I saw it from got 87-89% coverage

We went outside, looked at the sun, talked, talked some more and talked. Some minutes later maximum point Sky goes dark grey, temperature drops, wind picks up a bit …snapchat snapchat, instagram, social media, looked at it some more and talked. Then we danced a bit and went back inside.

r8 9/8 astronomical event

What are your stories?

It happened while I was fishing! (I caught 4 trout) from where I was the sky only turned a bit dark like a cloud was covering it and it looked like everything was misty.

my school did the same sort of thing as yours Vex
area I was in was within 1-2 miles of the path, totality lasted 1:28
did you notice dew on the ground during/after?

I drove to a library that had a program, but it was cloudy, so we went home. I was able to see the eclipse when we got home though. 5/7 astronomical event w/ rice.

tried to use my phone camera, saw nothing. friends neighbor had one of those cereal box with tinfoil with a pinhole things, so I saw a pinhole of light with the vague shape of a moon covering part

2/10 will have to wait until 2024 to rate it again

My school shortered the schedule from 1:50 to 11:00-11:30 because of the Solar Eclipse, it only covered 1/8 of the sun from Panama

When the moon passed by, it only dimmed the sky and the ground. It was barely noticeable. The darkness could be mistaken for an overcast. The event still was quite a spectacle. Can’t wait for 2024’s eclipse!

We saw it at my school with about 60% totality. It was amazing, and I’m probably gonna go see an 100% eclipse before I die.

I went to Nashville, which was the largest city in the path of totality. I got somewhere between 2m00s and 2m30s of totality. It was pretty neat.

I bet my friend $10 to stare at the totality through a telescope (Which would have caused severe eye damage) but unfortunately in Houston it was a bit overcast and a fucking cloud covered the sun.

Why the freaking heck would you do that? ???

Because he dropped a $10 and giving it back that way would have been WAYYY more fun than just handing it to him?

UK, so we got about twenty seconds of 5% coverage before the sun set.

In theory, because everything was fucking cloudy.


We got a whopping 0% coverage down under.

Here in Wisconsin, we got about 85% coverage, not the best but still awesome.

90+% coverage, I was in the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains, everything became dim

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