No Reply from Spec (I should be unbanned by now)

I know I’ve recently posted, but I’m kind of upset now. I sent a message to Spec to unban me but I’m still banned. I need someone to first un-i.p. ban me. My i.p. is I believe Yomigaere unbanned me in-game wise, but I’m not so sure. I believe that needs to be checked, too… thanks for the understanding. :confused:

You will be un-banned when you explain your claim to have donated. Either message me the confirmation email or with screenshots otherwise you will stay banned. Many people have claimed to have donated before without actually doing so and it is frowned upon.

I logged into my paypal account and it seems I have an extra 20 dollars, so I’ve gotten the money back. When I looked at my payment history it says ‘Error Q303 - Page cannot be shown’. I’ve contacted Paypal staff via email and I’m trying to get assistance so I can get you the snapshot.

Question, should the ip be hidden? the IP is hidden to non Staff players normally…Why is that?

It is not a big deal to know people’s IP as it is only their router’s IP. It is still personal information, so we keep it hidden from non staff. Your free to post your own though. Your IP often tells people what area of the world you live in and even the town.

Has this been resolved? It was not locked.

considering Rei has not been on, would like to think it hasn’t been

It hasn’t been resolved. Sorry about the late replies. I’m going through a hassle with Paypal because I donated and the payments didn’t go through. The site tells me there’s an error when I go to my Payment history to snapshot my 2 payments sent. This is highly odd, and of course, out of all of the people that have paypals… I would be the one to go through this.