Minecraft Username: ninjamonk377
Approximate Date of Ban: 01/06/2012
OP Who Banned You: ymbninjakiller
Reason for Ban: I was griefing areas
Reason for Unban: I am sorry for griefing and I have Fixed most of my griefs and have applogized to everyone I have harmed. 1 grief I did that I did not fix was when I broke some leaves at the player market. It was an accident when it happened because of technical issues. I have not been able to fix it because I had no leaves to replace it. I would hope you all understand. Thank You.
Server: Survival

Posted on his behalf because the application is fucked up or something.

For one, you did not fix ALL of the griefs, you’ve griefed keatons shop, and also myth beast’s shop. Proof of mythbeast shop, since i know you’ll be asking for it.

As you can see, you destroyed a cobblestone, which released the water that was ontop of it. Natepot was the one who spotted this, and was kind enough to fix it. I don’t know why you couldn’t fix that >_>

Also you have taken a diamond from keaton’s shop. But he should have a say in this if he’s fine with that as you told me he was.

Personally, this is small stuff, nothing to serious, but it would have been nice if you were able to fix it. I will unban you after i hear keaton’s say about his shop.

(Some info to clear some things)
I banned ninjamonk377 I think a week ago for griefing my player market shop, But he was unable to post a ban appeal because of an error in the forums. He apologized to me via PM and since he griefed my shop and it wasn’t such a big grief I unbanned him. I did not notice any other grief at the time, approximately December 23, he griefed my shop. If he destroyed anything eles then we can decide wether to keep him banned or not. :slight_smile:
Also here is a screenshot of proof that he did indeed, grief my shop:

I did check around if their’s anything else that was griefed, but it was just the 3. So since this is pretty minor, i have unban ninjamonk.

I actually don’t remember breaking cobble in the player market but the logs never lie. I guess I’ll talk to him then.

Talk to him? Are there others that use your account?

Also, this should be locked very soon.

I seem to remember another incident where the iron on the floor was replaced with cobble. I’m not sure if this was you or not though.