ninga256 - 15th of March, 2015


Minecraft Username ninga256

Date of Ban 15th of March, 2015
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Idk who

Reason for Ban Idk why I was banned could some tell me why I was

Reason to be Unbanned Can I please be unbanned it’s a really fun server

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

[ ! ] Do not post unless you are in someway involved in this matter.
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Thejoshua banned, for “Impersonating and building without perms”.

FYI, ninga256 and captaincool1010 have the same IP.

And stop double posting. Josh probably wont respond for at least 12 hours.

Please ill do anything and i mean that just lift the ban on me

They are indeed the same person, as I had Captain messaging me on the forums asking how he can be unbanned. So that’s not terribly good for his cause.

You kept asking (as coolcaptain1010 and breadforeveryone) me (RJBud1) to build, and I said no, multiple times.
You were temp. banned by Amphitryon for 30 minutes, and then you logged on to your alt account, begged again, made fun of AngelSentinel’s aircraft in the sky,(he called it a ‘‘random thingy in the sky’’ and griefed 2 blocks)
I said ``NO, NO, NO’’, about maybe the 15th time. You then logged on as ninga256 and built a runway (which I did not like, as you asked in a sign),and said ‘‘I know I did this even when you didn’t like me doing it’’ or something like that… So, if by some miracle, you get unbanned, do not ask me another 30 times. (It was definitely around 30 times, he did so). Staff, you can personally ask Amphitryon and he will say this did happen.

I’ve got screenshot evidence to, let me find it.
Nope, can’t find any.

I just wanted to Help why didnt you like the Runway it is as accurate as can be i put all the right markings on it all i said was i wanted to help build the airport and i put a really amazing runway on it with a Private Jet i dont get why you wouldnt just let me help ?

The point is… I said NO!

What did you think of the Runway Though

The runway was ok, the plane, however, I disliked.

Can you unban me then

Staff’s decision, sorry.

@captaincool1010 This is a ban appeal not a discussion thread.

The point is that building on someone else’s property (especially when the owner explicitly stated they do not want help) is a bannable offense. Evading a ban via an alternative account is also a bannable offense.

It is @thejoshua79 's decision as to whether you will be unbanned.

Im Sorry for doing that people always underestimate what i can do and i wanted to show you what i can do
And this was my opertunity RJ if i get unbanned i can put it back the way it was if thats what you want


(Sorry about this guys only just woke up)

Ok so you built without permission, even after RJ said No many, many times. I have also been told you are very annoying when on the server. The impersonating was just your alt account i guess as you wrote signs saying you was someone else, i didn’t think anything of it at the time.

You will stay banned for a week (16th-23rd) mail me when the 23rd comes around and i will unban you, any other pm’s you make up to then will add one day to the ban time. Locking.