niko12099 - 4th of June, 2014


Minecraft Username niko12099

Date of Ban 4th of June, 2014
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by shadow

Reason for Ban i made a rude comment to ninja and i knew i shouldn’t, but i did it anyways

Reason to be Unbanned I shouldn’t have said that to ninja considering he is an OP and i should respect his authority regardless to my personal thoughts, im sorry to ninja for making that comment, i in no way have the right to belittle a staff member like that. im on like everyday so it would really hurt me to not be able to join the server because of my stupid comments.

[ Ban History ] 1 other ban appeals found
19th of April, 2014

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Personally, I know Niko and talk to him everyday and he is generally a nice person when not being annoying and rude once in a while. Yes, what he did was wrong but I still think he should be given a second chance. He does help out with the server and is friends with good peeps on here.

If he got a second chance I can see him learning his lesson and being more respectful to staff and not having another case of this happening again.

I also don’t want Niko banned for good, but we can’t keep letting people get away with everything. He intentionally has been teasing Ninja, and it has to stop. I vote for a temp ban as a warning. This is just annoying.

While I don’t think Niko should be banned forever, this isn’t his first time disrespecting staff. Not too long ago, he was banned from TS for impersonating staff.

I’m gonna make the same comment i made to you on TS the other day @Kyle so others can know as well:

So Niko is generally a nice guy. He is active on this server a lot (nearly everyday) and for a sappy comment like that I don’t think this needs to be a ban worth forever. To be completely honest I can see the reason for his behavior. When someone is disrespectful to you and has a negative impact on you it is isn’t easy to keep friendly and try to be nice. If Ninja had ever been disrespectful to Niko before that whole extravaganza then I don’t see why Niko should be able to be banned for a comment like that if he is only treating Ninja the same way Ninja had treated him in the past.

However, this ban isn’t about the past. It’s about the action Niko took in general that puts him into this weird position. This needs to be a temporary ban. A lot of players are learning how to treat people, I mean… did we ban ninja for all the times he’s been rude and disrespectful to anybody else? No. So why ban a member that has nothing to lose. My whole thing is if Staff were responsible for making sappy comments like that most of them would get away with it and be alright with a warning, no temporary ban of powers or temporary demotion or anything like that. Yet we ban a member when they do that. I don’t like that. This isn’t about who is friends with who, and who is gonna stick up for the side they feel most passionate about. This is about consequences for every rank. In fact, this ban is the PERFECT display of the kind of consequences that come with certain actions.

I agree with this statement. If we are going to temp ban him, I’d say at least a week.

honestly im thinking more like 2-2.5 weeks. if it wasn’t a constnt idgaf about whose staff, im going to be a disrespectful jackass, he needs a more severe punishment. i honestly think a demotion back to member is in order, cause quite frankly what he did is the most belittleing thing you could do to a person who is trying to fix themselves.

Just wondering if we should transfer discussion regarding punishment to the staff section?

Okay let me start off by saying that I for one, never wanted niko to be banned.
In Fact, @CherryRed , Me and niko used to be good friends and stay up all night on TS laughing with Namillo and Panda. But recently after the whole report/demote Ninja thing, I’ve become the badguy of PCB. The Staff member that should never use his authority or power to do anything because that would be abusing it. Really I understand why people got mad at me after all that was stated in the previous threads, and after the threads about demotion and everyone saying how much they hated what I was doing, I decided to change and I have been trying not to do anything that people would hate me for. I do, though, have to keep up my staff responsibilities and I will have to use my powers in order to keep PCB running smoothly. I will not be standing there while chaos is presented in-front of me while I can simply be the one who uses the powers given to me to stop the chaos and fix the situation. Recently I’ve been extremely nice when ever I have to step in and fix something or confront someone of an issue. All I want is for people who don’t agree with me to simply explain themselves so the problem between us can be solved orderly without a ban being dealt.
On my own, I have confronted niko on TS and talked to him what I felt about the situation and he apologized and we have made an agreement to be more courteous to each other when these issues are presented. I agree with everyone that niko should only be temporarily banned for he is someone who makes this server fun and I personally used to be good friends with him and don’t want this little incident to be the reason why he would never be able to play with us on PCB ever again. I do agree with a short time of banishment though, because this isn’t the first time that niko has caused some type of issue with a player and this would help him have time to realize that he needs to think about what hes saying and who hes saying it to, before typing/saying it.
I like to think of myself as an adaptive person, someone who will change to accommodate with another’s needs. So if someone has a problem with me I will accommodate with them to come to an equal solution and end the problem before it begins. I will not be taken lightly though, and I will not be told to sit there and not fulfill my duty because you simply do not want me to use any power awarded to me. As well, do not compare me to another individual that you possess a hate for, because I have my own personality, my own identity and I would like to be treated for my personal actions, not for what you think I will become compared to the actions of another player whom you have previously had complications with.
With that I will let shadow be the one who decided niko’s final punishment for he was the one who banned him and I agree with shadow’s decision but I simply suggest that the banishment is only temporary, not permanent.

i just wanted to say im ready for any punishment necessary for what i did and i will keep my comments to my self next time

Since shad has not responded yet, niko will remain banned for 1 week from the ban date (4th June), as this seems to be the general consensus for a punishment.

Will unban 11th June.

thats fine, that is what i was planning on doing anyways.

Locking then. Let’s not forget him eh?