Nikkimonster6879 - 6th of February, 2016


Minecraft Username Nikkimonster6879

Date of Ban 6th of February, 2016
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Madant79

Reason for Ban Apperently My friend and I (friends user: Vale4ever1) Were banned for griefing?? i never griefed and in the survival mode i was helping gathering resources such as wood and other things. like food from sheep and i gave it to the people building the house if u dont believe me then ask the people. I Am really upset about this its been about 1 year i think ive been punished enough for not ding anything wrong. I Hope someone reads

Reason to be Unbanned I should be unbanned becauseā€¦ i did not do anything perhaps they mixed me up with someone else but even so i love to help everyone there build i even helped decorate alot. i truly felt like a part of something that ive never been in before this team was my family every day i would go on this and even if u unbann me. i would help people with their permission i would always build and sometimes i did roleplays i really hope im unbanned i did nothing wrong please understand.

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

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you were banned by madant.

you said its been about a year. youu were banned on the 4th September 2015 so youve been banned 5 months and 3 days

You broke into buildings in survival, stole items, and griefed. Care to elaborate?

i did not it might have been someone else but i wondered around i did parkour and fell on crops but since i had nothing i couldnt replat them maybe it was someone else because i swear and promise to you guy i did not do anything wrong. Even if cant you please give me another chance. i mean this was my home and 5 months to me seems alot. please Unbann me i promise i will not do anything wrong i will even let someone watch me if you want and i seriously didnt do anything but i did see people breaking it was a girl and a guy the guy had red headphones the girl had elf ears and i didnt catch their name. :-[ :-[

unbanned locked