So I have a suggestion that would be beneficial to many players while playing PCB.
I don’t know the Plugin, but I know the command. It’s “/nv”, which toggles nightvision on.
So yeah, that’s my sugar for now.

honestly no, it would rather ruin the dark survival-ish aspect. If you really need to see at night theres torches lol. Or if your like me, use glowstone because torches are too mainstream

If you really want night vision use a night vision potion :stuck_out_tongue:

Sea Lanterns*

As said by josh, Use the night vision potion, It is fairly easy to brew!

silly youngsters and there cool plugins. back when I was a boy we had to make these things ourselfs! weird hu?!

::slight_smile: no but serious just make a potion. like I always say “you know your lazy when you dont want to do hard or long things in a video game!”

struggles to resist temptation to make snarky remarks about blatant shameless self-promotion

We get the idea.

Nope, no point! Sorry!