Hey everyone! Godsjedi12315 and I had this idea that we should make a newspaper people in PCB could subscribe to! The things on the newsletter could be things like; important things off the forums, advertisements, or even jokes! If you want to get the newsletter every week let me know! I would like to see your thoughts on this and even some more ideas!

I would love to help with this. I know that is an online newspaper, although I am unsure if you are able to create articles yourself.

this would be really cool to have
count me in

I’ll take it!

Id love to receive letters!

That would be super cool! I’d love to help any way possible :smiley:

The advertisements would be a great way to advertise whatever without clogging chat and annoying people.

I’m unsure.

Yes, sounds like a good idea, but how long will people stay interested? My uni send me weekly emails with local news, event information etc which everyone reads for the first week or so, before getting bored and slightly annoyed at emails that you don’t care about.

I’d suggest having it on the forums, not as an email system which is what the initial idea sounds like.

This wouldn’t be a email system. I was thinking this could possibly be a book and quill newsletter that people could receive in game.

What about those who aren’t in game much, but would like the information still?

The book concepts works on some smaller servers (like the Hermitcraft server for lets-players), but on a server this big it wouldn’t work. I think a forum post should be made instead, and you can hire reporters (hey!) to post stories.