Hi Everyone! I’m not that great with introductions so here are a few basic’s. My name is Christina_G; most people call me Chrissy or Chris. I’m 29 years old, been playing Minecraft PE for awhile. Now I have the full version on my iMac. So this is first Community that I’ve joined. I currently live in Canada, and hope to learn and expand my minecraft experience.

Thank goodness thats over with! Now off to do some exploring.

Bienvenue a PCB! Welcome :). I am also from Canada - the less cold, above 0 part ;). Hope you have a good time on PCB!

Welcome Chrissy! Nice to have you here at PCB! :smiley: Very nice to have a new person to the community! :slight_smile:

Hope you have a fun time on this server!

Slowly waves back and forth from behind a treecreeps back into the nightThis is how I welcome newbs, beware

Ha, now your going to weird Chris out. Not like that’s hard to do online. Welcome to PCB! We love introductions.


Enjoy your time on the server!

Hey! Is it just me or does literally everybody here live in Canada? ;D

No, I’d actually say most are from like texas or california… anyways, welcome!

Welcome to our community do hope you have many years of fun on here with us.
I and a great many other are from the British Isles

Thank you everyone for the warm welcome! The server is amazing and all of you have been very welcoming.