New Years Event

Hey everybody!!! :smiley: It’s myth, and i’ve pretty much finished my new years fireworks display. If anybody is interested in seeing it, i made it off the coast of big city. I should be lighting the display on midnight my time. If you are interested in seeing it be sure to come by big city around that time, i should have a time updated for the website clock. I’m prob only lighting it once unless someone wants to save copy it with world edit and save it before i let the fireworks go out. It’s sure to be fun. I’ll prob have some stands built before new years for everybody to see the display from a good distance.

Time by website (gmt): Around 9am New Years Day

Wow sounds like tons of fun! Someone better upload some pics or a video! >:(

wish i could make it, but im on holiday from 27th - 1st without internet so i wont be able to see it :confused: Make a video and get it put on the pcb community youtube :slight_smile:

hmmmm… is it worth getting like 4 hours sleep for a firework display on minecraft?

It’s totally worth it :smiley: I’ll be sure to record it for those that can’t make it though :stuck_out_tongue:
Edit: I kinda forgot the log in thing for pcb youtube :stuck_out_tongue: Can someone please message me the email and password? If not i’ll just upload it to my regular channel

Neat, sounds like this will be a much larger display than just people releasing them by hand. How are you launching them? Redstone invloved?

the thing is im going to a party with the band folk, and their last party did not finish until 5am…

Yeah. I have a little island set up for the fireworks. The redstone goes from the center out in a circular motion. So it’s going to be repeating the fireworks and displaying some different stuff.

Will this be viewable another time? I’m going on holiday on Saturday.

Well, if i can get someone to save the island in WE, then we could set it off again. I’m also recording it to show it off.

yeah ill be downtown in Raleigh with my friends watching the ball drop that night… i wont be there either, so the recording sounds like it will be awesome

lol is there anyone that can make it?

I believe I’ll be able to make it and I may record it to. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol. Thanks sacred :smiley:

you guys need to set up a recording booth like we had at Snowpine, that way we can get two different POVs

ill Also record and post on my Channel and if anyone isnt posting on the PCB YT channel ill send in the vid.

Myth, you’ ‘re in the USA correct? If so then you’ ‘ll be recording soon and it’'ll be epic! Post that video A. S. A. P. The ONLY way this could be more epic is if this could be streamed live…

I have 2 hours to set up a live stream :3 I think i can do it :smiley:
I’ll post the link here in a bit if i get one ready

So it will happen at midnight central time?

That was amazing. I will upload a video later when i get it fixed. It was kinda hard when i lagged xP Hope you all enjoy :slight_smile:

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :smiley: