new worlds

i saw the post about wanting to start a new world. i think that if we do that everybody should all huddle together and we should just big, huge city one by one. this only my opinion let me know what you all think.

Some people don’t like working on skyscrapers. I’m one of them. I’ll start, do the exterior fine, then get bored at how repetitive it is to do the rest.

I also prefer survival to creative, so would want to play that more. I’m assuming this would be done in creative due to the massive amounts of resources needed.

what i was thinking was not like the big city for the server now but just everybody in survival and you just build up the community and when ur done with one of them or it is not big enough you move and just keep ding it we do this on xbox and it is the most awsume time i ever had playing minecraft you also set up like stores and stuff and it becomes real.

That’s pretty much what we do already. A lot of people set up their own villages, some with stores in them, then people can live there if they want. Problem is when everyone makes their own town, it means they don’t want to live in someone else’s.