New Video

Life of Filipenis Episode 1 - Transportation

Looks good firi. Now submit to the world and we be famous >:D.

I have my reasons for hating Skype too. Also, can you have group conferences in Steam?

Australia is still right hand drive XD and its not in Texas anymore as far as I know. Good though.

I would be happy to join in one, I can record fairly well also. :stuck_out_tongue:


My voice is a sexy one!

Yah I’m onnnnnn YOUTUBE!
Anyway really awesome video

I got totally lost about half way through the video. I’m sorry you all had to be without my beautiful pixels for so long. :stuck_out_tongue:


We used Skype for the recording, and I used bandicam.

Yes you can definitely group chat on steam and its quick and easy and I find it better tbh but Skype was just convenient for the time.

I like how the ending is a rant about how you don’t understand British housing terminology.