New Town

Hey guys Courage here, I am starting up a town if anyone wants to be on the list of residents post in this forum. I am going to be building all the houses I can. Right now I think I will be able to build at least one house tonight maybe two so I am basically giving houses away. I will need a lot of wood, mostly birch if anyone wants to donate that would awesome.

~Courage out 8)

I think your town is really close to my home. Is it in extreme hills biome or nah?

I think it is it is super snowy too. We can merge as well if this is a problem…

Its quite a bit a ways but if i get on and see a town ill put a sign thats unlocked not to build that way

yo if you need help/supplies, hmu

Boom. 1300.

If you run out of supplies hmu. :slight_smile:
<3 koalamama

yeah huh, justa take my comment lol

Well emfiddys town was near mine so I left some Unlocked signs on one of the unfinished homes telling her to not expand my way. The other town was built by someone else i forgot.

Thank you guys for the support (I don’t know what hmu means). But not is not a matter, so I am going to start tonight. My computer was revoked for a few days plus I got GTA back for the weekend and meant to get on PCB but forgot sorry guys :’(. Also on a better note who wants a house they are guaranteed to be to your liking I will take special orders to but the main thing is that I don’t want to have any duplicate houses.

HMU = Hit me up

Update: I have made a cobblestone generator and I am going to expand the land maybe tonight I will build the first house. If anyone wants to donate some dirt it would be highly appreciated.

Hey courage sounds pretty good. I got a shiz load of birch and I dont need all of it so imma give some to you if you want.

-MrSkee 8)

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