New Town Dalebrook

Ever heard of the new town dalebrook, No then look here !. dalebrook is a new town owned and managed by matty & azza470, the town includes many great public facilites including a mine (with free pickaxes) enchanting room,furnace room,anvils,(coming soon tree farm,brewing room etc).

In dalebrook there is a variety of houses ranging from $75 to approx $400
$75 homes are mainly for new people on the server but anyone can purchase them (include a starter kit)
(medium homes TBC)
(large homes TBC)

Dalebrook also includes a unique server game, a slot machine, its 1 iron ingot per go very fun and addicting :P, all the rules are posted there, and great prizes are waiting to be won including diamonds,iron and glowstone !

Dalebrook is always expanding so please be carefull when exploring in building areas etc !

Thanks for reading matty

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