New Survival Map

A new survival map has been generated on the server. It is fully linked to the old survival map which means you are free to transfer all your items across as you please.
Personal builds will not be copied across for you. Large cities and towns may be copied across if they are significant builds.

Please lock your chests on the old survival map as LWC has reset. We are logging who opens every chest, so if items go missing from chests that are not yours and your name is on the logs, you will be banned.
We will be unloading the old survival map within the next week, so please transfer across any items you wish to keep into the new map.

We are still running a 1.4.2 server, so please do not update your client. We will be moving to 1.4.5 in the coming days when a stable or beta Bukkit version is released.

Can I find an Extreme Hills Biome and just start from scratch?

Well me being stupid thought that the new map was 1.4.4 and now I updated and cannot get on… Can someone reserve me an extreme hills biome? :smiley:

Our new survival map is 12000x12000. There will be plenty of extreme hills biomes to share around :slight_smile:

But what if everyone steals them! :frowning:

Caaan snowpine be copied?



Time to take apart Orlaith for resourses.

Just wondering how long until 1.4.4 is on the server?

how do we get to the new map? is there a warp to it?

The new map is the normal map now

would be great if i hadn’t updated

You go to spawn or warp to one of the warps that are in old survival.

ah, spank you Sac. ill do that tonight when i get home

Okay – someone please
/wb fill old_survival
/wb fill confirm

That is – if you can (Sop+)

Done (with a different command though)

I accidentally updated to the new minecraft and am not able to get on. I beleive that some of you know that my home is near /warp arena. I was wondering if any OP+ was able to get some of the chest that are mine. But, I share the home with dfirby which may end up being a problem.

Is there anyway to find my smp houses?

I just ask 'cause my house with all my stuff is underground somewhere…

If you want to find your old homes

  1. Use the /home [home name] command to tp to your home. This will take your to the same spot in the new map
  2. Write down the coordinates of the home that you teleported to
  3. Go to the old survival map
  4. Either tp to the coordinates (trusted+) or walk/warp to your coordinates
  5. If a Mod/OP is on they can tp you to the coordinates

Thanks spec.

LIfe saver <3