New survival map question

Can me sacred, and cherry get the dragon egg world edited to the new survival map or have an item given to us, so we can put it in our new town? We worked really hard to find that stronghold and it would be nice if we could have it in the new map.

Sorry if you think this is a stupid question and in the wrong spot.
It’s my bad if it’s in the wrong spot or what ever.

This should be decided by someone else other but me but in my opinion, no, it wouldn’t be fair and other people would also start asking for things. A dragon egg is rare, if we give it to you, other people will be like this :

Player : Hey, hey admin can I have a melon seed?

Admin : No.

Player : But Mythbeast got a dragon egg that ain’t fair.


I saw how much time and effort went into getting it, so in this case I would be willing to make an exception. Remind me when I have the server updated

I was gonna say the same thing as Andy. While we don’t like to give items, this item has been earned in the short time this map has been around. It can be a keepsake and proof of their achievement. Besides, a trophy is not a game breaker.

Thanks for recognizing our hard work, i promise this will be the only thing i would ask for just because we worked so hard on it.