New Server

Hi all. I have successfully gotten a good server up for the creative version. For now, I have named it [MCForge] Shade Project. ;D ;D

Me and some other owners like cuppajoe12 and some of my friends from the boxland servers have already for the most part finished the main and gotten some places up. It can serve as a new base for PCB creative if you would like. It would just take a bit of building.

sorry, but what do you mean ‘new base’ ?! The PCB creative server is fine where it is. This could serve as a fallback server, like the one at the moment used to, but the PCB creative community will not be moving.

Sounds like a shameless advertisement for another server.

yep xD i wouldn’t necessarily mind, its just the fact that he makes it sound like it is to replace the current creative…

I didn’t mean for it to sound like an ad, but Fatso suggested I could host a TSP server a week ago.

I thought it sounded like he was trying to help. We did ask him if he could host it, and this seems like his attempt to do so. Granted, he should be working with Fatso to set up everything.

Thank you for the effort Dayshade. I hope this project bears fruit as they say.

ahh fair enough, sorry, i was unaware that he was asked, and it was just the way it was worded. again, sorry!

Don’t worry, it’s ok. I can see how it could sound like an ad. xD