New Server Issues

Please post below some issues with the new server.


  1. No AFK
  2. /spawnmob

I will add to the list when people post below.


Spawn eggs, same as /spawnmob. I think this is intentional though.

AFK, will be fixed in next restart.

This is more a personal preference, but could we block flying through nocheatplus and not through the default minecraft server stuff? I hate getting kicked for not remembering to /fly xD

As well member rank is now black. Any chance it can be turned back to grey>

Spec is on that ka, its a temporary thing I think.

While we’re on the topic, the market doesn’t work for me. However, the lottery did.

Chest shop hasn’t been setup yet. Things are going to be changing a bit so its not implemented yet

You can spawn passive mobs but not spiders/zombies etc. There should be no reason for you to spawn hostile mobs.

Afk works

The member name was only black for the first 20 mins the server was up

Chest shops have not been configured yet

  • Afk fixed
  • Block placing and destroying limits removed

Sry but what is the ip of the new server?