New rank

I am of proposing new rank to PCB
Rank power is consist of
As many /home as want
Name of rank is gggeeee
Best rank
gggeeee rank 2016

ggg, sounds like your asking for trusted or Mod lmfao

No is better than mod or trust
Many not as them
Custom rank, special only gggeeee’s get them

Didnt think you were actually… Serious?

Gggeeee rank is best rank.

Okay Okay we deal no
No ding dong banu yes homes

After long heated discussion it was decided to let ggg’s dreams come true.

Congrats bro. Ya made it.

Another day another happy citizen. Youre welcome.


Is why i wanted Ggg back lmfao

gg wp ggg

u2 bb ilu pls gib monis br br br

That poor pig probably has a broke back from the weight of GGG


just be glad Sheep aren’t rideable. Whu

ggg i love you marry me

-_- we need a wedding centre and a wedding church XD