New Rank????

so i was using teh command /unflood magma and i came across this bloody thing

im not sure if it came up as a pic…

but a rank called Super+???

new rank or what?

ps it doesnt show but how do you post screen shots?


not sure what you did there XD

what i usually do is take a computer screenshot (alt+printscreen for those who don’t know)

copy the image into paint and upload it to facebook, take the image URL off the Facebook pic and make an image the same way you tried to on here Sword. this may be the long-about way, but i like making sure i have a digital copy of MC screenshots in case i need them again

orrrr i figured this out while munching on an oreo i could post the screen shot without the url…maybe…

Teh Idiot


Ok, sword, the rank is probably SuperOp, or SOP. I think it used to be named that, at least

if you hit f2 then it should give you a screen shot. Then you go to your screenshots in your minecraft folder, and upload those to something like Then you copy the image url and put it in chat with (img)(/img) around the url.

Replace ( ) with [ ]

This is the rank i was talking about

I think Super+ is like Senior Op/Super Op on SMP

Nope, I’m almost certain that you encountered a zone that was reserved for a player named “Super+”.

Sometimes, we zone an area to a player to protect it or let them build it alone. That is my best guess as to what happened.

Try hitting that spot with the command, /zone.