New NPCs

We have switched over our NPC plugin which will hopefully make it easier for you to buy your items. There is no need to type commands any more as buying/selling is done through a virtual chest.

To see the items avaliable, right click on an NPC. This will open a chest interface which shows the items and the quantities avalible for purchase. To see the price, left or right click the item once. If you want to buy the item, click it again. To sell an item, click the item in YOUR inventory to see the price offered. Click again to accept.

If you press the same item twice in a row (eg. Check the price, then click again), you will end up buying the item. Clicking on an item once will only show you the price. You have been warned.

There are still no fixes for the chest shops. NPCs are only in Sandy Point for now. Type in /warp sandypoint to visit.

This is great news! Good job!

This is amazing news!! Hopefully this will be a good combination between ease of use and security.

Yes these are definitely easier to use then the old ones. (I wrote “easier to use” not try “to figure out what’s wrong with them” :wink:

Man. I wanna be able to make Npc’s

OH since we found that missing chunk area, thats also my birth area at 0,0,0 Put an Npc Of me up XD

They’re still pretty fucked, especially Mr Block, when you go to buy something it just disappears and says it isnt being sold here. All the NPC’s also spam the chat…

Which items aren’t working?

If thats the case I must have configured the items wrong. The only items that I can’t configure are charcoal, lapis lazuli and the different saplings.

Let me know, and I’ll try and fix them

Mr.Block is fixed, but you can’t sell stuff to him yet

Are NPC’s going to be added to the new server? Just wondering.

Notch’s NPC’s already are in the survival server. I don’t think we need the NPC plugin any more though because of the shop plugin :slight_smile:

Where is the shop/market? Is there a tp command for it or is it around spawn?

We’ll be going back to chestshops rather than NPCs. Like said above we don’t really have a need for them anymore now that real NPCs were implemented into the game

Wen is wool shop in the market going to be finished?

All but one shop is now completed. You can get there using /spawn or /warp market

Ty, how much is wool selling for?