New member

Hey guys im new to the server im friends with fishy_mole1 and lphil32
Can you pleaze make me a member of the server

Ah welcome!
I know fishy_mole but I’ve never seen lphil32 on, ugh, It’s getting hard to remember anything anymore :frowning:


Ohhhh, I see, lphil32 is new too! Ok, it all makes sense now :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the drunken weed forums!, Don’t take this seriously >:D

Am I the only sane person on this server?

Indeed you are,

If you are questioning sanity, you probably already lost it.

Heck, if you think your the only sane one, doesn’t that make YOU the minority and thus, abnormal?

I never said I was the minority… but still, I am the only sane one here. shifts eyes

nope:) welcome to the club. Population:2

Hey! I wanna be in the club!!!

Sorry Italian, you are too insane to be sane

I can be sane :frowning:

You are currently helping me blow up your own map, and guestcity. Thats not sane. xD



I saw a chicken today :>

did you eat it vaio? wait… shouldnt we be welcing this guy, not arguing over sanity? because we ALL know im the least sane.

I concur


Glad at least one person likes to stay on topic.

Welcome to the server.