New market

A new market for the survival server has been built. As McServerlist and voting is temporarily down there are dispensers around the market which will give you $100 worth of diamonds a day. Shops do not cost any money to claim, but each sign shop you create will cost you $100 (fully refundable upon destruction). Shops can be claimed on a first in best dressed policy, and can be traded with other players.

The rules for shops are as follows:

  1. One shop per person
  2. You must not build outside the shop.
  3. You can change the colours/materials of the walls, floors and ceiling, but you can not remove them. (The ceiling must remain at the same height, the shop area must stay 9x15 blocks)
  4. If you do not develop your plot within a week of claiming it, the shop will be removed
  5. Keep your shops stocked! Out of stock shops are just as bad as empty shops.
  6. Shop signs outside the shop must be no bigger than 5x3 blocks
  7. Do not extend the size of your shop. Do not build an extension out the back, or build overhanging ceilings along the front of your shop
  8. Do not join shops. You must not destroy the walls between shops. You can link them with doors, but the wall must remain intact.
  9. Put your name at the front of your shop. We need to know who owns it!

Follow these rules and everyone will be happy. Happy trading!

at the corners of the middle area of the shops there is only 1 wall which collides Like between my shop and the lottery how do we solve this?