New Market Now Open!

The new market is now open for shops to claim. Please get accustomed to the rules prior to building.
NOTE: Shops without any actual shops in them after 48 hours will be returned to their original state.

Update #1 : The prize section of Market has a working lottery and has a special event lottery where you can punch in special prizes from events to receive an even better prize! To learn more about the gems and the lottery please take a visit!

Update #2 : The Admin Shop is meant to be expensive to clear some confusion. Don’t use the Admin Shop’s pricing as a means to base your own pricing from as it’s set in place for in dire need consequences for need of material or to make you really work to make money from.If you are going to sell/buy diamonds in your own shop please do not go lower than the prices listed for diamond at the admin shop; this is the set standard price and should not be sold cheaper.

Update #3 : The egg shop is now open! Look for the giant egg pixel on one of the shops and shop for mobs to your needs! Considering that wolves and ocelots are very hard to find in this recent Survival map we have made prices for their eggs on the more affordable side.

And this is at /warp market? Also how do we get our stuff back from the old one…

Do /warp oldmarket

The new market looks awesome, good job, guys! :wink:

Thanks for that LOVE. :wink: