New Map

Well I am not the one that is deciding on a new map but I want to know if the PCB community wants a new map(If the majority says yes maybe the admins will make one.)

In my opinion I would like a new map because we have no new structure. This is my opinion and don’t let my opinion change yours.

If you don’t want a new map, leave a comment below(just wondering why you wouldn’t want one).

Thank You
God Bless

Heck yes, I want a fresh start, none of this module crap.

Amen Brother.

Y is there no like button???

well, there’s the commend button.


You should commend me for mentioning it :smiley:

GamerGirl, Why don’t you want a new server?

yay I was commended! And what do you mean Vlad?

You should commend me for commending you and I meant y don’t you want a new map on the server.

What do you mean because I didn’t vote?

O I’m sorry well I thought you voted “no” so sorry again. BTW you should vote.

I dont see why we need a new map really.

Sounds good. Are there going to be any transfers of creations?


So we could have the new structures.

The current plan is to make a new map which has the inventory linked to the current survival map. We might lock out all non members from the old map.

So we will be running the current map and a new map side by side

So, new map, with same items, and keeping the old map also? That would be good, would mean items could still be used, and so could the old builds :smiley:
If we do that, I’m all for it.

But, what new terrain generation is there in 1.4?

It’s not just 1.4. Our map was generated prior to 1.3 (possibly even 1.2?)

If i recall correctly, its the same as 1.3