New map, new ideas.

With the old map soon to be gone and a new one to start populating with buildings, ideas certainly must be sprouting in the minds of our members. So without further to do, what are you going to make?

a massive castle around a entire extreme hills biome

A private island with armories, docks, and a self-sufficient town :stuck_out_tongue:

A massive sheepy farm for my own evil doings.
MUAHAhahahahahahaha >xD

My own private island fortress where I can plan world conquest sit peacefully.

Sounds cool. It should be a smaller project, 4-5 people.

A castle at the edge of the world.

Remaking Treetop into a self-sufficient town for select residence only this time. Have its own farms on the outskirts of the Jungle Biome im situated in, and have its own Special Warp point and Market.

Ruby City. If you don’t know about it already here is a link.

The new Farcoastian Empire.

Helping shad with treetop, and creating a (possibly hidden) base below it.

liam, it was in the wrong Jungle that i showed you last time XD i hope you didn’t start building. do /warp Treetop and you can get to the jungle i chose to build it in this time.

I didn’t I have a few ideas to discuss with you though :smiley:

awesome. i will be home all day on Weds and most of Thursday if you wanna get on then.

I’ll make some kind of city, I guess. After, y’know, starting out alone with my Base of Operations. Eventually I’ll make a big 3D Pokeball as a water fountain, in the center of the city. If I do this, I will die happy. ;D