New location for Survival Rules

There are people who read the rules and people who don’t. Sometimes it’s obvious to distinguish which new users will read them and which ones won’t. I’ve been asking around and I’ve found that a few new users were unaware that we had rules. Unless a staff member points out where they are it’s as if they do not exist. Currently the rules are located to the left on a wall when entering sspawn from lobby. In Creative the rules are right there in front of you and aren’t something you would miss. My suggestion is we fixup the spawn building for Survival Spawn so that the rules are right in front of you when you warp there so we can tone down the activity of rules being broken.

I think that this is a good Idea but don’t we already have a sign that says did you read the rules?

it wont matter how many boards we make, you cant force them to read them

We could add 3 stages where you have to answer questions about the rules correctly to get out of the starting area. Although I doubt we will ever do it.

even if we did do that, people would probably still avoid the rules

The rules are already right at the spawn point for each of the main maps. There isn’t much else we can do without driving people away…

The door idea just makes players quit after they become frustrated. I am totally against it.

Well, in all honesty I never actually read the rules when I first joined. I just asked around for the down-low of what the site was about until I figured it mostly for my own. (Which probably explains why I’m so bad at being an OP.)


What if we include a Book and Quill thing for every new players inventory with a message on screen to read rules on book before playing. Or make it that the Book will disappear from the inventory only if it gets read or something like that. Do y’all get what I’m saying here?

Honestly, I feel that the system that we have currently is the best possible way of placing the rules. Yes, not everyone will know them, but I feel that the other ways of putting the rules are worse than the one currently in place.

There isn’t much more we can do, it’s hard to miss the rules, and people that would read rules would read them, and people that don’t, simply won’t, there’s not much more that we can do.

  1. You are sensible enough to know not to do any of the shit against the rules anyway.
  2. You are not a bad SOP. You wouldn’t be a SOP if you were bad at it.

I agree with the book thing that Javi said. Like when you first join you get a book in your hands that has the rules and where to sign up at, then when they hit those pressure plates it disappears.

I have one of those!

Its in my inventory on the Lobby map.