New Info Town?

Hey guys I’m thinking of building a new info sort of town in survival where people can find out more about different towns. Basically everyone who owns a town can have the option to build an information building about their town in this town and newer people who are looking for a town to live in can go here and browse through the different options. For example, for Tsumai(my town), I would have a little medieval building to represent my town and inside the building would be info about my town. This town would be like a community project sort of thing because it wont work unless a lot of town-owners pitch in. I want to know if you think this is a good idea.

If anyone is interested in advertising their town here let me know.
I also need a good name for the town too.

I think there was a thread like this before

No I’m talking about an actual town in game with different buildings to represent different towns.

Just call it 'Embesy, (that’s how u spell it, right?) so people can just do /warp Embesy.

Nice idea.

It is spelled Embassy just to let you know.

Also this sounds like the world fair…

Ok i think I’m going to do this but i have to get a few town owners to build a building to represent their town. I’ll tell you when I finish the spawn building. After that it will just be a free town where any town owner can build something there to advertise their town.

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