New Havana, Jewel of the Lucite Empire

New Havana is an old-Spanish/colonial style city in the southern part of the map. Builds will be similar to those of Verona (An Italian styled city on last map, heavy use of sandstone) and the city will be modeled after Clarita in a few ways. I am infamous for never making interiors, but I plan to change that. [glow=red,2,300]New Havana will have interiors. FINALLY JM! YOU DID IT![/glow] New Havana otherwise known as it’s Spanish name Nueve Habana needs your help to prosper. It is modeled after the colonial Spanish empire, and one of its largest cities, Havana Cuba. No, we aren’t communistic like actual Cuba is, but we do have some good Cuban Sandwiches.

Lucite Empire : The Lucite Empire is an empire spanning much of the creative map. Capital city is /warp Budapest, some other cities included are New Havana, Donton, Abu Dhabi, and a few others. Simple laws are enacted in every city of the empire, and provinces each have a capital and a leader. These provincial leaders have total control over their province, but the main government can veto them. Provincial Leaders meet and vote on issues.

Colonization and Annexation : Provinces may colonize with a charter, but the main government may prevent a colony. Provinces may annex nearby cities if the owner chooses to be annexed. Colonies may secede at any time, and annexed cities may secede.

Can a Province secede? : The answer is yes. But you must speak with the government first. We will try to persuade you, but ultimately its your decision.

How can I become part of the Empire? : We will look at your city, and vote if it should be a province. If we turn down your request to be a province, you may be annexed by the closest Lucite City.

Who is in the government? : There are a few branches, but all provincial leaders are, and all workers and citizens are. We vote on a prime minister every month.

What can the prime minister do? : Not much. They have equal power, but they make most forum posts regarding the Lucite Empire. There are a few other perks, but not many.

Will this be another ‘Esposia’? : No way. We are not even close to Esposia. One of our strictest rules are ‘No Cortwade, No Esposia’. The cortwade part of course is a joke, but when he does come back, if he hasn’t changed, it will no longer be a joke.

Any questions? Comment below.

And cigars? That’s the one other thing Cuba’s famous for, apart from Havana, Sandwiches and probably the Cold War.

Sure ::slight_smile:

There’s also the missile crisis if anyone is old enough to remember, and there’s always good ol’ Guantanamo Bay.

Im not even close to that age, but I know all about it. Cuba hasn’t had the nicest past, but its interesting. The city is modeled after Spanish Colonies, but took the name of New Havana, because ‘New New Spain’ wouldn’t sound very good.

If anyone wants to see New Havana, talk to me either on here, or on the server. If you want to join the Lucite Empire, talk to either me, morpeus, jahbrenpanvilla, estevaobuilder or SlySly. We’ll vote on if your city should join us. Thank you.

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