New Hanson needs builders!

[size=12pt]Ladies and Gentlemen,
Boys and Girls!

[size=12pt]The city of New Hanson is growing and we want [size=18pt]YOU [size=12pt] to help out!

[size=12pt]We have plans for multiple new subdivisions in the city and we need builders for each!
The subdivisions planned are:

The university district

The heights (modern mansions and homes)

Jacinto (a small hispanic neighborhood)


Little Italy

and lastly, The riverwalk (look up the San Antonio Riverwalk)

[size=12pt]If you are interested in being part of any of these new subdivisions please send a message below!
Thank you and happy building!

Who won the competition you put up

The competition ends February 30th, so there isnt a winner yet.

Don’t you mean Feb. 1?

People only have to enter by Feb. 1, the builds are judged Feb. 30th.

Wow. Thats a lot of time.

New Hanson is managed by me, Vex.


Full list of ACS/UAE (Confederacy cities) as some are missing in the above list

Cities in the ACS (Eastern Confederacy) which are part of King John’s province

City Owner Rank
Abu Dhabi King/Khealey City
New Hanson Airstar/King Capitol and Hub, Special Administrative District
Sealock Nommy City
The Capital Everlark City and Hub
Hanzo Industrial King/Sfd Colony, Industrial
Rosland Sfd Colony, Agriculture

Cities in the UAE (Western Confederacy) which are part of Crown Prince Vexnorz province

City Owner Rank
Dubai Vex City and Hub
Otono Colony King/Mr_Luciano Colony, Agriculture
Madina Alqabab King/Vex Colony, Mercantile
New Alexandria King Colony, Agriculture
New Kyoto King Colony, Agriculture

Cities that are undecided

City Owner
New Silvermoor Matt City (and Hub?)
Old Silvermoor Matt City
Sakura Nommy/City Town, Agriculture
(There are additional cities that are deciding whether to join us or not)

Note: All cities are managed on a federal level by their respective Crown Prince
Note: All cities are managed on a local level by MattDB, the Imperial Governor

Matt essentially links the East and West sides and keeps cities expanding in the short-term, allowing for full Confederate integration, while the Crown Princes are responsible for making certain their cities grow in the long run.

The Lucite Union also has loads of cities.

I’ll add them all here once the server is back up, as I dont have the entire list memorized.

Alright, awesome!

Haha, this again.
[tr][td]6th Alliance Member List[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Coalition Government[/td][td]Opposition[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Ceres[/td][td]New Victoria[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Port Royal[/td][td]New Bayside[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Winterly Rock[/td][td]Portland[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Golden Bay[/td][td]Prymont[/td][/tr]

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