New Hanson Development

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As I’m banned, I’d like to say that this thread is no longer relevant for the time being. I might return in 6 months, a year, two, never, anything’s possible at this point.

[size=xx-large]City Projects:

[size=1.45em]NH Infrastructure Development Project

[details=“Spoiler”]The New Hanson Infrastructure Development Project (NHID Project) will allow citizens of New Hanson to travel between New Hanson, the Airport, the Train Station, Abu Dhabi, and any other transit hubs nearby. The subway system will also allow for greater intra-city transport.

The subway transit center will be located under the brand-new AirstarHQ building.
The airport transit center will also have a bus station at surface level and direct access to the airport hotel.
The train station also has a bus station and shuttle bus to main bus transit hub.
The main bus transit hub will have international and local bus routes.[/details]

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Anyone posting to this thread, could we please have it have to do with New Hanson and not just be a bunch of “wut”'s?

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