New Game

Makable if we had spreadable fire some place. Can you disable it regionally? If not, we could have spreadable fire on the old survival map.

lol I saw the skins and I am like yep minecraft xbox 360! (I am a geek for knowing this???)


Just get to the point and SHUT THE FUCK UP. OMG!
I get so irrate trying to watch these videos, every time it’s the same thing. Useless bla bla and showoffy stuff with their friends, 27 minutes later they finally get to the point, and talk about it for 2 minutes, and then boom. 30 minutes wasted watching stupid crap.
And yes, I did watch only 15 seconds of it.

Can someone give me a general idea of what the lava wall is without me having to watch 30 minutes of useless crap I don’t care to hear, or watch. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well it is part of a series…

Game sounds, cool didn’t watch the full video but watched up to where I understood the game, and its a cool idea for a minigame. Teaching it would get annoying so I guess on our server we need to be careful if we ever do add this because it has a bunch of rules that needs to be followed and griefing this thing would be easy and annoying to fix so idk about this being for everyone on our server, but maybe an idea for a well moderated minigame like that CTF thing spec made once.

  1. Place your ‘flag’ (5 blocks of wool). The blocks can be in the air, but must be connected to the ground.

  2. Build defences. The only materials you have are wood (from trees), a bit of bonemeal, a couple of dispensers with ammo, and ingredients for 1 shot from a tnt cannon.

  3. Shoot through the huge wall of lava and try to burn down the opponents flag, while stopping your own from burning.

Yup! That’s why I dislike lets play and rooster teeth’s videos so much.

Suggestions clean up.

Denied due to lack of interest, but feel free to make this into an event yourself, someone.