New findings on my art path.

Since seeing zesty’s post with the source film maker, i was looking around some animation and other stuff cuz i got really hyped up about what i may be able to do when i try to get the source film maker. So i found this little thing about the ipad that i never noticed before. It is something to do with styluses, and i thought it was pretty awesome. So i did a bit of research, and found out that there was a pretty good program that i could use with the ipad and stylus. One of them is called Brush, the other is called sketchbook. I figured since i had seen all kinds of sketch pad things for the computer and many touch screen computers, that maybe if i just used the ipad i could get a better feel for the computer sketching.

I have tried using tablets before, they did help me out a ton when i was sketching on the computer, but the problem was that i couldn’t really see what i was doing until i made a mark somewhere. So then i did some looking into some touch screen computers that i could use for my sketches, i found out those where pretty expensive. After that i kinda started to loose hope for doing my sketches on anything else but a sketch book. Don’t get me wrong, i do like being able to do my stuff on there, it’s just the fact that in computer programs like photoshop, they tend to be much easier to edit something when you make a mistake, and then add other details that are just hard to do when you work on a sketch pad.

Sorry for making another longish post, but i was kinda wondering if anybody maybe had some experience with ipads, styluses, or even just ipad programs. So that way i don’t go head first into something that i have little knowledge about. Or maybe you just have some suggestions for other ways that i could get my designs done. Anything would help.

I will be sure to do a good bit of research before i go all into the purchase of a new ipad and equipment. Since from what i have heard, it may cost me over $500 to get this all started up. So i am gona have to talk myself into whether this is a good purchase or not. :stuck_out_tongue:

I promise this will be my last long random topic for a while. (maybe for the next few hours) It may kill me to slow down activity, but i can always go on life support for a while before i really bite the dust. :stuck_out_tongue: X_x

Here is a video i found that made me think a bit more about my future purchase.
The only problem i had with this is the fact that it was with a tablet, so now i am kinda confused on what i should do. :confused:

Do not buy an iPad for sketching. They weren’t exactly designed for that purpose (past just being able to finger paint) and your money can be better spent elsewhere. If you’re willing to shell out $500+ for an iPad you should spend that on a high quality graphics tablet instead (which is still only $300+). The iPad and almost every other touch screen tablet does not have pressure sensitivity or the precision for drawing.

My advice, learn to use a graphics tablet. Not a touchscreen one; a proper one with a pen and stylus on a pad that moves the cursor. That’s what professionals use and that’s what pretty much everyone else uses. It takes getting used to at first but you get used to how it works in time.

Well on the fact of pressure sensitivity, this video shows that you can achieve that with these stylus. I think it is cuz of how the tips can have different radius when pressure is applied.
However that difference in money spending is getting me to lean towards a tablet. The problem i have with getting into the tablets and computers is the fact that i don’t have a very good extensive computer that would be able to run programs to well. However i am getting into animation this coming year, so i will most likely get some good practice with tablets. So it all really depends i guess how well my findings go in the future, i am still kinda focused on doing the graphics and all with a tablet or ipad. Since for the time being i have been getting into manga and am trying my had some art skills. I have tried the traditional rout for a while, i just figured since the difference between paper to computer drawing is near worlds apart to me. I am kinda thinking that using the ipad or tablet for the time being would be an easy way to get more into my designs. Instead of investing tons of money on a big computer that i couldn’t take with me. I would invest in a good laptop, but that may be a while before i can get to that.

-_- I don’t see how i got that reply to be so long again. Sorry bout that. Anyways, thanks for the considerations andy, i will take that into mind when i am looking for ways to achieve my goal.

This video is kinda making me swing a bit more to ipad, even though i don’t plan on buying the ipad 3 becuase of its cost. I am seeing if i can make any comparisons with ipad 2 instead of ipad 3.

I have opinions! Give me a sec to grab my laptop and type. I have a cheap drawing tablet and multiple real tablets available to me.

K, writing now.

Cool, i am still doing some research on the tablets and what not.

Before I dive into anything, I do not recommend the iPad for you.

Well if it is something like Photoshop Apps you want to run on the tablet, then you are going to have to have full Photoshop on a computer to take advantage of it. With animation, in order to do any kind of render having a computer is essential. The iPad is more of an accessory to make things more convenient or just do it differently. You need to have a good computer first, and then build upon that imo.

As for the laptop bit further down, do you really need something portable? You can get a much more powerful desktop for cheap. Powerful laptops tend to run quite a bit of money.

I have an original Wacom Bamboo tablet, from when I was into that kind of stuff. It cost around $80, and now that I think of it, it wasn’t worth it for me, but you seem to be perusing this much further than I ever did. Wacom offers a awesome product which may be perfect for you. Its the Inkling. It’s listed for $200, but I bet you can find it for cheaper online.

Oh, we have an iPad1 and an iPad2, as well as a Transformer Prime (I’m not sure why we need so many tablets, waste of money imo.) I could do some accuracy tests if you want, we have styluses that work for them. Oh and those kind of capacitive screens aren’t very accurate normally.

The reason i like laptops better than desktops is cuz i tend to do a LOT of moving around. I end up going to my bed, my kitchen, the outdoors, all over the place when i sketch, and same for when i mess around on the laptop and have wifi. I also tend to move between my parent’s homes quite a bit since they got divorced, so a desktop would make it kinda difficult for me, since i like to be able to keep all my stuff on one device and not move around all that much information all the time.

As for the stylus, i have been looking up cheap ways to make me one. Just to save me a couple bucks, since it seems if i go through with this, it’s gona cost me quite a bit. Every dollar saved is that much less ache in my pocket. :stuck_out_tongue: Most likely though, i will have to go and purchase a real stylus soon, i guess i will just be using the homemade one to test out how well i like drawing on a touch screen.

The inkling definitely seems familiar from when i was searching for tablets. I think this is probably the one that i would be looking for if i turn away from the ipad idea that i am working with.

If you where to do some speed testing between the ipad 2 and the transfomer, i would very grateful. As for now i am just screwing around on my ipod seeing if i can get a hang of the touch screen drawing.

I will probably have a quick little pic put up some time soon if i get this new program to work for me on my ipod. Then i may compare it to a sketch that i could pull outa my books.

Thanks sip for the help suggestions.

I just figured out how to make an uber cheap stylus. :smiley: That saves me a few dollars now. XD

What kind of testing would you like me to do? Both in general performance are very smooth, just depends on what you are more familiar with and what apps are available.

Personally I like the Transformer Prime, partially because I’m an Android dev, but I also like Android more than iOS. I don’t really want to go into why, though I do think the iPad is the better choice for drawing specifically. I don’t believe Android has the same Photoshop apps yet, so that would be a deal breaker/maker. I don’t have a homemade one, but the styluses we have are more accurate than the finger but nothing compared to even that cheap Bamboo tablet.

I now see why a laptop makes infinitely more sense for you. A good laptop is going to cost quite a bit, so maybe the iPad is really the only viable solution, unless your parents can support that computer to empower you.

My parents aren’t real big on helping me out on big purchases. I have bought my own tech since i was maybe 13 or so. (about a few years after i figured out that i hate wasting my money on small things that don’t mean anything to me) Mostly cuz they don’t really understand what i can do with it, however i see great potential with it.

The stylus i made uses a wet(ish) Q-tip and aluminum foil rapped around a pen. It works pretty good, apart from the fact that i have to wet it every once in a while.

Well the program i found that seems to be real good is called “sketchbook” It lets you do a ton of stuff on it, and is for both android and ios. I think they both have a free version, all i really need to know is if it keeps up with your stylus good enough to not get lost when drawing a line.

Now that i am using the sketchbook app on my ipod, i am finding that it is somewhat difficult to do so on such a small screen. So far keeping from touching it with anything but the stylus is proving to not be so difficult. It is just the size, however it may just be that i need to get used to it or something. :stuck_out_tongue: So when i get a good feel for it, i can try out the many features that are available. I will post a pic or something soon as i get the hang of such a small screen. :wink:

Thanks sip. :slight_smile:

It is starting to look more like i may need to just go ahead and buy me a good stylus pen if i go and get an ipad too. :stuck_out_tongue: Since i am seeing just how much easier it is for some people to use a certain kind of stylus i am seeing almost everywhere now. I think it is called the “jot pro” or something like that.

Edit Again:
Here is the first video i found that got me going on this rampage. :stuck_out_tongue: I freeked when i noticed he actually just used a simple program and an ipad to do all of this. Then i saw the stylus and other stuff, so that got me going on the thought that i could use this instead of a big expensive computer.

Edit Again Again:
I just figured out how i could get away with laying my hand on the ipad while i draw.
If i use a glove then the ipad wont recognize my had that i am using with the pen. Then when i need to use the multi touch controls i just just my other hand.

I could rant about this for hours upon hours but I strongly strongly suggest you do not get an ipad/android tablet just for drawing. I have a Transformer Prime as well. Fantastic for what it was designed to do (reading, browsing) but it’s absolutely terrible for drawing, even after rooting it, getting a stylus and adjusting the sensitivity.

A touch screen for drawing is not a way to transition into the digital side of drawing - I would say it’s a completely different area to traditional and the standard way of digital drawing. There are touch screen graphic tablets, yes, and there are some individuals who use it in the industry, yes, but those people are at the top of their game and have more or less mastered traditional and graphic tablet drawing. I personally cannot see myself shelling out $2000+ for a touch screen graphic tablet (and that’s just the starting price).

In terms of that video you posted, the people who can draw like that on a touchscreen are probably the type who could do that on any medium you throw at them. It’s not because of that fact that it’s a touch screen.

My recommendation, get a graphics tablet (I recommend anything Wacom).

If you want something more flashier, get an Intuous 4 or 5, but at this point even a $100 tablet is good. If you need portability, get a laptop. Every person (and I mean every person) in my animation course takes their graphics tablet ^ with them and a laptop if they have one.

Those are my 2cents. It’s harsh but $500+ is a lot to spend on something which I honestly don’t think is a good drawing tool.

Edit: I’d also like to add that I can draw on both a graphics tablet and traditionally reasonably well but when it comes to drawing on my Transformer Prime even a simple sketch is a challenge

YOU ARE IN ANIMATION ANDY!!! I knew you new a good bit about all this that you where talking about, BUT I DIDN’T THINK YOU WHERE IN ANIMATION. I SWEAR, I had a lot of respect for you before, but now… now, i can’t believe it. What exactly do you do so far!!! I must know. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

On another note, i was going to get the ipad and try these sketches out cuz it is something that kinda goes in my path of what i plan on doing before i can be ready for full animation. For right now i am trying my hand at manga styles. So for me to use an ipad or something to simply draw a few pages of the rough draft book, it could go a long way for me.

Also, i see what you are saying about how getting involved in an ipad just for the drawing purpose isn’t to great of an idea. And that i should maybe look more into drawing tablets and laptops. However for the time being, i am seeing that an ipad would be a good buy for what i am going for now. Also, since i tried that graphic design job i had a week or so back, i made enough money to put into something like that.

If i do get an ipad, then i definitely wont just use it for sketching purposes, i have seen that they can be used for much more, so i will probably be able to find some more things that i can use it for.

Now that i think about it, when i start animation this year, i can probably get to use many things that will be helpful to me. Maybe i might hold off on buying the ipad until i actually try out some of the stuff that the school will let me use. :stuck_out_tongue: I bet i could get one of the tablets from the school for somewhat cheap. Since i am probably one of the few taking the class that is serious about this path. Same goes for the school laptops that we get. We are given them during the school year and get them took up before summer. However we do get to buy them for really cheap when we are seniors.

I am getting really tired right now since i shoulda been a sleep nearly 3-4 hours ago. :stuck_out_tongue: So if this kinda jumbled together and makes little since, I apologize for it.

One more thing… ANDY, HOW DID I NOT KNOW YOU WHERE IN ANIMATING!!! O.o Is there anything else i should know about you? ??? :stuck_out_tongue:

One more thing i almost forgot, this is a video i thought was cool. It has the giant touch screen computer that kept poping into my mind if i was to be kinda without the use of drawing tablet or ipad. And when i saw him using the glove, it made me think that i could do that if i tried out the ipad.
All around, it looks pretty good.

On a separate note, when i get the hang of drawing on my ipod, i will post a pic of what i have done.

So i tried my hand at something on my ipod. It was kinda difficult cuz i had to use my homemade stylus and with the ipod being such a small screen i had to zoom in a ton.

Here is the character i drew, it is supposed to be somewhat like the girl in a manga called miki falls.

Here is the pic i used to try and draw her.

not bad.but i’m sure with something more professional you can make something better :slight_smile:

Yeah, you shoulda seen me sketching it. It was HORRIBLE. :stuck_out_tongue: Some how it got to that point. So it turned out a lot better than i thought it would being my first time to do something like that. :slight_smile: Still leaning towards an ipad now. Not sure if i will wait until summer is over, cuz that would be the end of my free time to sketch and what not. So i may go and get me a new ipad some time soon. Then a MUCH better stylus than i have now.

Lol. Well i still have plenty to learn about shading and lighting on it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks good to me, but like lemon I don’t know much about art xD I just draw stuff, if it looks alright then woo! If not I keep adding to it to try and improve it, end up making it worse, rage. Because I’m a perfectionist. xD Myth, you got a deviantart page?

I’d just suggest a tablet or sketching then outlining on the computer.

Looks good myth. What program do you use on the computer for drawing?

Lol liam, it’s true i tend to be really hard on my art some times. :stuck_out_tongue: And i actually just set up a deviant art page yesterday. :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually used my ipod to do it. An app called sketchbook. It was pretty tough since i don’t have any real stylus to use. I had to make my own. I may end up buying me an ipad later because it is just easier to draw on something like that. Since it is near the size of my usual sketch pads i use.

Here is my deviant art page. I plan on uploading tons of my ipod art and if i get an ipad, definitely that art. ;D

Well I was messing around with some videos, and thought it would be nice to have abn intro pic. So I made this and I definitely still need work with shading. :stuck_out_tongue:
For some reason it reminds me of another film thingy…

Looking good myth! :smiley: Da <3

EDIT: 500th Post! :smiley: