New Elite Building Team Required for NEW YORK style City

[size=24pt]I am currently putting together an elite building team for an NEW YORK style city.

[size=14pt]A role in the team will include road construction, side walk construction, landscaping, street lamps, power lines and building construction which will include shops, residential, restaurants, hotels etc.

you may also be lucky enough to build vehicles for WOOLY MOTORS.

[size=14pt]To apply:

1: Leave photos of 2 of your best builds

2: Why you should be part of my elite team

3: GOOGLE photos of NEW YORK style buildings to see the style

4: Be patient and wait to see if you have been short-listed

If you are accepted and you Build something not up to standard, you will be asked to change or remove said building and you will be given 1 strike. 3 strikes and you will no longer be part of the team.

[size=36pt]GOOD LUCK!!

Sounds good :slight_smile:

Will apply when i get the time to take photo’s as this sounds great, however will not build there actively as i have other things to do but will try to help out when i can if accepted.

yeah thats fine any help would be great @thejoshua79 hopefully it will be @SpllatPT

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