New Door Sound >_>

Well I personally hate the new door sound. I tried changing it back but my computer crashed when I hit a door
-_- Anyone hate the new sound too?

Wait until you hear explosions… <.<

yea it bugs me too and wat do u mean about explosions liam?

Go and get blown up by a creeper. That sounds different too.

Ah was 1.9 finally released? >_<
Sorry if this sounds like a newb comment but i haven’t been on ina while
Oh nevermind, guess it wasnt :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope, another 4 or so days till release.

(Edit: NVM! They’re different. I actually like the new door sound!) I just wish they kept 1 for the door and 1 for the chest instead of making them both the same again. Am I the only one who thinks all the new sounds are a bit… childish?

minecraft is trying to appeal to the thousands of ten year old kids ;p

Totally agreed ggg. Most of the people who play are under 18 and many times under 13. I know a lot of people at school who play Minecraft, yet they only talk about it to a few people, because as you get older it seems to condone you to a nerd, which I am and well known for that. Hopefully I made that sentence make sense.

agreed completely

also, a bit off topic but, i find the use of internet memes extremely annoying

Haven’t heard it, could someone upload the actual sound files? pleaseandthankyou :smiley:


Thanks Andy. As for the new sounds, I’m not sure if I like them, especially that squeak. :confused:

Explosions sound like a toy truck crashing into a wall. Fur real.


Eeeeeeeeeeeeeew they sound so nasty!

Its like listening to an old lady’s fingernails go across a chalkboard.

I have to say, once playing with these sounds for a while, they are disgusting. How did they even get into my jar file in the first place?!! I’m on 1.8.1!!!

Those are horrible!!! I’m gonna find a way to manually replace the old ones back into my game. I hope notch gets the message about those sounds.

Seriously though, how did these sounds get into my 1.8.1 jar file?

No idea. I didn’t update either.
New bow sound also.