New Creative/Survival Map Idea!

Ok, so i have an idea how to generate new maps next time we restart them. Its really simple, takes shitload of time to make them huge i think, but it should be possible to make.


So, idea is to use Mod to generate map, or rather design it! Mod is called WorldPainter ( u can download it, check it out (i totally recomend it! u will be blown away by posibilities it gives!)

  1. It doesnt require any mods installed into server.
  2. All u have to do is design a map (i can handle that, played around with it for a while, and i think i got it all right)
  3. U can use high maps! (and make real locations! imagine NYC map or Europe map, or whatever else!)
  4. It would be way way waaaaay better than maps that r there rn. Current maps need fixing, flattering, half of the map is useless, mountains, biomes that ppl dont like (snow is not that popular and that biome is like 1/8 of a map rn!)
  5. We can save some flat land for costom signs (for maps)
  6. We can add costom trees, smooth bitches, rocks, every single detail we wish, that looks natural, and just makes the view perfect.
  7. What we add there (6 point) is really what we can make in minecraft. so we can even place some premade things, i dont have an idea what could it be really to live some creativity for us (players!) but it maight be some villages, maybe train stations, i dont know, sky is a limit!
  8. And at the end, with all those goodies, there is one more thing, that just makes it perfect. Roads. Rails. Highways. We could just add them in that mod, so we have some well planed transport lines etc, so we dont need to make them later, they maight be going by some perfect spots for cities etc, again there is no limit about that.
  9. Im not 100% sure but there is a posibbility to upload existing map to that mod program (i mean with cities build on it) and adding more flat terrain without WE, so there is no ugly square cut around cities (lets face it, most of ppl have no clue how to do landscaping…) and make it nice and smooth.

So to just give u an idea what is it all about there is a link to OneDrive gallery with my small map (islands). It taken like 30mins to make it like this, it was really simple and fun to make.

Hope u like that idea. Please inform SOPs/OPs and Admins about this post, im really serious about that idea, it would make our small server just perfect, it would become really dedicated to build cities in beatyful sceneries!

daqwid2727poland ~SwedenBall

need I say more?

XD that needs to be fixed? XD

Quite honestly I do like this idea but there are a lot of problems that I think will arise.

Firstly we won’t be preloading anything on the map I don’t think 1) because it will be hugely time consuming and 2) because this is a building server, what would be the point of having roads or train stations already on there?

Then, and this is the major issue, can more than one person have access to actually edit the map? Because if not then realistically one of the admins will be in charge of it or something and whoever definitely won’t want to spend afternoons creating smooth bitches and readying the map.

But this is only my opinion, otherwise I think its original.

Also the creative map is not going to reset any time soon.

I love the idea as well; that sounds like a cool mod. But, like Twan, I think many problems will arise.

First, certain people will want access to the tool that cannot have it, and that’s a pain in the neck for us to deal with. Second, preloading would be time consuming and you can always get someone with W/E to load a project for you if you need (I believe, not exactly sure on that). In addition, I agree with Twan’s second point: What’s the point of a city building server with the city already there?

The customizability aspect is really neat, though. I’d love to play around with it somewhere.

Generally we try to offer a ‘Vanilla+’ experience, that is as vanilla as possible but with a few tweaks to make building easier. This pre-made custom map doesn’t really fit that.

Also all the custom maps I’ve seen are so insanely detailed it’s very hard to build anywhere on them, even with just a few people. It wouldn’t be workable with the sort of numbers we get.

I want this.

But then again… how much land is worldedited flat…

Yes that’s because they’re designed for survival. It would definately be possible to desgin a good one to be used on creative…

no. ;D

Honestly, I have seen some of the maps made with WorldPainter, and they looks awesome. We could make one ourselves, hence the name “Project City Build” ::slight_smile: or we could download a pre-made one, and go from there. A decision has to be made fast, because with 1.9 out in 3 days, the servers will be going over to the new version really fast. :stuck_out_tongue:




It actually won’t take as long as before, as there aren’t going to be any rampant legal issues like last time. Spigot are planning to release the first testing version a day after 1.9 is released, but this won’t be stable enough.

I’ve also seen worldpainter products before, and they’ve been quite fantastic.

If you guys ever do decide to have a custom map in worldpainter, please message me. I’ve been using it for a few years now and have custom tree packs/brushes. I also have the processing capacity to render a pretty large map for the server to use. (25,000x40,000 blocks is my current record)
So, yeah…

Creative aside, I think It’d be a more interesting idea to use this to make survival or PvP maps like a Hunger Games gamemaker would.

Seas of lava, spires that stretch above the clouds, expansive canyons, endless deserts… perfect for survival and competition.

i feel like this should be something that is added on a smaller, 3rd server, with small cities that we use to show off and only trusted, op’s, or sop’s build in.
Just my opinon on this topic.
BTW I do like this tool for Minecraft and if we did add i would like to be informed about it. Thanks


I think this cold be cool!