[size=36pt]NEW MAP CITY: Virden

We are looking to have some builders, a deputy mayor and another build manager for when the map resets on Friday, Virden is going to be a post-modern town with the occasional renaissance building for town hall/government building. I am planning for Virden to be built in the desert, possibly by the sea or a lake. Orvilleman and I have already started planning the infrastructure of the city in the current creative map, if you would like to see it please tp to the coords: 5028, 117, -5947. Please note, the plan is NOT the final design and there will be changes, we might even decide to change the rails from overground to underground. The current build team is this:

[size=18pt]Mayor: harry212001

[size=18pt]Deputy Mayor: required

[size=18pt]Build Manager: orvilleman Build Manager: required

[size=18pt]Builders: required

If you would like to volunteer for any of the positions that are available, please reply

I have now created a map of the rail system for the city. It is arranged in a grid like pattern, as you can see and each of the squares will be 50x50 blocks.
Government Line
City Line
Financial Circle Line
Mass Residential Circle Line
Residential Circle Line

What if I want to get from Residential East to Mass Residential East? It’s 100m walk, but 2000m by train with two interchanges. Try a more spiderweb style layout, saves much time. Concentric circles are ok, but only if there are spokes to the wheel.

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