New Computer Advice

Hello hello! So our computer lost a bunch of info due to what I believe was a system32 deletion/failure and a reboot. We’re gonna try to take it somewhere to see if we can get any important information/programs off of the hard drive (including Microsoft Office, owch). Hopefully it’s all still on there somewhere and someone can pull it off. ANYWAY! Our computer is an 8 year old model with 7 year old software, so our family decided that it was time for a new computer. We went to a pretty good store today, and the guy suggested this for a tower.
ASUS M51AC-US004S Desktop Suggested Retail: $879.00 Total Savings $46.01 (5%) Your Price: $832.99 June 2015 Financing
[ul][li]Intel Core I7-4470[/li]
[li]16 GB Memory[/li]
[li]1 Tb Hard Drive[/li]
[li]NVIDIA GEForce Gt620 Graphics[/li]
[li]Windows 8[/li][/ul]
So here are the questions. Is this any good? Is it a good deal? What would you suggest getting/doing? Building a computer is out of the option, as we could never figure that out. Need something that can handle a fair amount of use, that will last for another 7 years, and that will be able to handle at max a game like SimCity/Civ V/Simulation games/Minecraft. That, and we’re only looking at towers. Hope I didn’t bombard you guys with too much info here!

Looks good. it has around the same specs as my laptop =P

All that im going to say. Make sure that your version of Win8 is 64 bit. If it is 32 bit, you will only be using up to 4 gigs of ram, despite what your sticks are.

I would recommend maybe a higher graphics card but other than that looks good :smiley:

The graphics can be upgraded later if they so choose. For now, and the next year or so, that should be fine.

16 is a LOT of RAM. I seriously doubt you need that much. It does not hurt to have it though.

Recovery will NOT be able to save programs. Data recovery is often VERY expensive if your working with a dead drive. It sounds like yours is not dead though. If so, you really should not pay anything as all you need to do is plug it into a working computer as an extra drive. You can just take data out as needed.

You will need to install a lot of things from scratch which is something I can help with if you want to TeamViewer with me. If you can get the system online, and install TeamViewer, you can let me get programs you want and configure stuff. Just saying.

A few things to consider:

Do you want windows 8? If you can find them, PC’s of similar specs but with win7 will be a lot cheaper.

Do you need a new monitor? Some of these new graphics cards are great, but if you don’t have an HD monitor, the high spec of the card is wasted.

Also, is $900 your budget?
Does your budget need to include a monitor, keyboard, mouse ect?

This looks pretty similar to what you found, and cheaper, but the graphics may not be as great (I’m not an expert)

This also looks good, but it looks as if the RAM may be lower than you want…

Again, pretty similar spec, but with a smaller HDD