New Canyon Biome

Jeb Posted a tweet about a new Canyone Biome Made of Hardened Clay. Are we going to be able to implament this into our new map?

And potentially cherry trees. And no, this is not what I mean by cherry tree.


I dont actually think he was serious about this biome though.


God damn it.

Yes, new biome, great! But we just changed map. Now, if we want this, we will have to change map again unless we can regenerate areas.

with it being large biomes, regen seems like it would be a bit hard to do… :-\

If Jeb isn’t pulling our leg I think we would have to regen? or would we not as we just restarted - does that make it easier or harder to restart again?

Not easier or more difficult. But the point is, if we still had the old map, now would be a perfect time to reset as we would get the new features. The problems arise as work will either be lost just after being started, or staff will have a lot of work copying it over.

Hell it hasn’t been that long… it shouldn’t be that big of a deal to just restart. This is also comming from someone who hasn’t built much, but in the long run, the additional resources may outweigh the thing that are done atm.

Others will disagree. Anyway we’re skipping ahead yet, we don’t know what will happen.

Ignoring all that, the biome looks interesting. Hopefully they will find a better way of blending it into other biomes better. Perhaps have the grass change colour to become dryer much sooner or have sand with a variable colour gradient to get the same effect.

^ What he said. I’ve been working my arse off on Palmview and I would be devastated if I lost it…

I doubt this is real, I bet it’s just a joke. I mean… Why not just make a new block for the canyons? Why clay? Seems skeptical… And NO, if this is real and you guys want to restart I demand transfers o:

I dont understand the point youre trying to make. Canyons are made of rock and clay formed due to erosion. If youve ever seen pictures of canyons they have a very similar color to standard hardened clay.

For everyone who doesnt think its real well it is. If you follow anyone of Jebs, or Dinnerbones tweets they are allways posting new update information (aside from the april fools joke) and its almost always right. I dont know why everyones being so skeptical about it lol.

The only thing i fear is canyon rape. I feel as if once we get a canyon, our server is just going to destroy it, leaving it nothing but stone. The new hardened clay is wonderful building material after all :smiley:

He has a point, if we do just regen the map, we would have to sacrifice several biomes for canyons

Well, if it is real, we do have a number of huge swamps that aren’t occupied or very useful.

Frankly I am not sure on how real this is though, it looks a bit eww if it is.

I’m sure that at least 3 snow biomes in each map could be regen’d too. I swear, idk what it is with our maps but it seems we have so much snow biomes and they seem bigger than the other biomes that the map offers

I really hope they’re doing transfer to the new map if they do update because I have spent a lot of time and effort building a giant self-contained biosphere and I would hate to just see it vanish into thin air :’(

guys if u look on the dynmap u see loads of black holes in it u could also try make a regenerative canyon … or is that impossible?

u could also make a new world for only resource and it regenerate at the end of the week?