New and old youtube contributions! (Lets plays)

I thought it would be easier to just link all the vids that are uploaded of the lets plays here, starting with…

Let’s Play ep. 1 - Creeper Party!

Let’s Play ep. 2 - Make a village a home

Let’s Play ep. 3 - Underground Adventure

Let’s Play ep. 4 - Farmcraft

Let’s Play ep. 5 - Diamond’s!!!

I haven’t watched them yet but expect the to be amazing!( They better be amazing or else…)
Can’t wait to see what they are like!

FATSO. Change it from Diamond’s! To DIAMONDS!
In caps.
Without apostrophe. xD With 's it suggests something belonging to Diamond.

Liam, stop stealing kyle’s job as grammar nazi


Anyway I haven’t seen the DIAMONDS episode yet so I suppose ill watch that now.

Even though I’m in it, I haven’t seen it either xD

I like these videos, not bad. ;D

Fatso has about up to episode 20 (wild guess) stored on his computer. I told him to upload once every 2 days, but that hasn’t happened.

And most wont be uploaded, because they are just vai being hyper, and they’re shit.

Exactly n_n

EDIT : ALSO I think I lost where the server’s gone…

I’m free tomorrow (27th) to do recording of either a new series or an adventure map if you wish

We needa start again, I deleted the server >.>

I watched the last 2 just now. I like em, but the music in the middle and end were much too loud. I would like to see more of em, but it’s your call.

do a custom map

Thanks for the input!

I must say editing isnt really my can of worms, hopefully when the holidays are over and what not events might start poping up like build of’s that i can recored. Put some more videos that are actually about the server up aye? XD

Also the music is really normal loudness, its just the voices that are quite.

Turns out I just deleted the map.
Fatso, when you can, fix the server because the whole shitty thing isn’t working anymore >.>

Fatso wuts an easyer?

Something that is more simple/ less hard then the alternative. I may have spelt it/something wrong but i do not know…