Nether Regeneration RE: 1.9.4

The Nether is being Regen’d!?!?!

Yes it is, in regards to 1.9.4 now being live on PCB we are planning to reset the nether map as it is running exceptionally low on glowstone. We do plan on regenerating the entirety of this map. With that said if you have any personal belongings on this map they will need to be removed immediately so that nothing gets lost. This means that we advise all players to make sure they log off on either the BigCity, Creative, or Survival maps to ensure none of your personal inventories are messed up when it comes time.

On behalf of _Andy, the tentative date to reset this map will take place on July 12.

However, we understand that some of you are desperately eager for this to happen as soon as possible. So I have included a poll at the top of this page so that if you’d like for this to happen sooner we can tentatively plan for 2 weeks from now which would be on June 26.

If the poll reaches 35 votes (Staff, please do not vote on this) we will plan for a 2 week window instead. Apologies for any inconveniences regarding any builds you may have on this map.

What about The End?

Currently TBA, no worries we haven’t forgotten about this at all.

Would we keep HellTown? Nobody ever pays attention, but it’s still a lovely landmark.

I’ll make sure Andy doesn’t forget to make sure HellTown remains. He was reminded of it’s existence the other night and had a good laugh about it


-Don’t want people to miss this post

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