Nerd Talk: Who would win, Goku or Superman?

ITT: We will discuss a scenario where goku and superman are in a battle to the death. Then say who would win and why.

Here is a Deathbattles video of goku vs superman. Deathbattles is when they take 2 characters and analyze every aspect of them to see who would win in a Deathbattle!

[size=1em]DEATH BATTLE! - Goku VS Superman

[size=1em]This video does have a winner and proof of why they should win. I completely agree with the video so I’ma use it as my opinion of who would win.

[size=1em](I HIGHLY suggest you watch this video because it thoroughly explains each characters aspects and why one would win over the other.)

The part in the beginning where he said “Everyone wants to know” Yeah, I’ve never wondered about this, ever.


Impressive video. I have seen people debate this stuff before, but never given it that much thought. TBH, I assumed Goku would win.

There is a problem to their whole fight they showed, which was the damage either of them were willing to cause. Buildings, fine, but superman at least would never blow up the earth. Goku might simply because SS4 makes him lose his reasoning. If that did happen, he would not survive in space, right? Well, instant transmission to other planets. And he can bring the earth back with a wish.

Yeah i have to agree with the vid. as much as we all like Goku, its because he has a limit, which is something we can all agree with.

The true battle i wanna see is Mewtwo vs Frieza!

Goku never has a limit! throughout the whole series he gets stronger and stronger, never ceasing to stop!

Nazi’ed by Shadow.

Oh fucking hell yes!

Sorry Ninja, had to add this one: Link Vs Cloud


That’s fine shadow, There are really good episodes from deathbattles and I was also going to post another, maybe the one of He-man vs Lion-o.

Mind = fucked

But probably Goku

nope i think superman he is the man of steel !

I’m enjoying these. The link/cloud fight was interesting, but I call BS on the end of it. During the whole fight, Link did not really hit Cloud at all. The magic arrows Link used were nullified and they showed how cloud can take a lot of sword stabs and keep going.

Is there ever a time when link was able to use 5 or 6 bombs at once? No? Then that bomb attack near the end was BS. It takes him a while to pull them out let alone 5 at once. What was that claim that Genova cells are weak to the master sword? I don’t see how they matter. The cells themselves are just alien DNA.

The materia chosen for Cloud was kind of weak too. Haste anyone? Reflect? Barrier? Reflect may have sent Links arrow back at him. He can’t block with the shield while using the bow.

I do admit Cloud could lose due to swordsmanship, but it would take quite a few blows.

Goku, coz whenever someone in an anime/manga/Japan is underpowered they’ll just go off and find some object, training, spell, whatever that’ll just make them stronger. And the longer the series, the stronger and stronger they’ll get till it’s almost just silly.

As big of a Zelda fan as i am, i would agree 10,000% that Link would loose that fight. In between the 4X Attack Materia and the Thundaga/Regen Materia, he could have ownzed Link. Link is an amazing fighter, nothing against him, but if you had ever played as Cloud Strife on Dissidia, you would know that hes a monster on a battlefield.

Kyle your taking the fight scenes too seriously, The fight scenes are just the entertainment of the show, the facts they give afterward is the reason why one would win over the other.

but like Kyle said, the most bombs link has ever been able to use at once is 2. Imagine having enough time, mid air, to pull out and light 5 bombs, then drop them perfectly around cloud, and then slash.

Ninja, please don’t talk about some thing you know nothing about -_- have you seen the entire dragon ball and dragon ball z anime series, and read the manga?

Ani, we are talking about Cloud vs Link atm. Nothing about Goku or superman has been said for like 4 posts now

I’ll just throw in the other part of the original argument. :stuck_out_tongue:

If I could comment above previous posts then I would’ve done that. But I cant, so it goes under whatever the current convo is.

Why you have to be soo mad anima, I have seen most of the dragon ball Z series and I’m a big enough nerd to understand how strong goku is and why everyone loves him and even voted for goku the first time I saw this episode. But the reality is that superman wins just from the facts they stated after the fight, even if superman didn’t blow up the planet he definitely could have owned goku.

Unrelated post for a second:

Anima, keep your attitude in check will you? I’ve seen a few posts from you recently that just sound damn right rude and harsh to other players.