Need Working Street Lights?

I have recently set up some working street lights in Middlebury, with the help of chaz. Im now willing to do the same services for other towns, with materials included. All that is required is 2 blocks below the surface. Invisible redstone!! Even up stairs!! No annoying piston noises!!!



Per Sensor-$15

Per Light-$5

*only 1 sensor reqired per town, however more sensors reduces redstone delay when turning on and off. All materials and labor included in price.

been there done that. Steampunk has them 2. If u need help just ask me.

“in and off”?
Might want to fix that. :stuck_out_tongue:

You have 2…? By that do you mean 2 streets? because i place the lamps into the ground. If i counted each lamp Middlebury would have about 16.

Steampunk has them 2 = Steampunk has them too = Steampunk also has them.

So steampunk cuts them in half?

,> I know you guys are trolling but still >,>

I would do this free of charge, just supply me materials :P. No need for greedy people with me around.

Well people have to pay since I am including the materials…

I have one thing to say that’s kinda pointless but felt like saying it :stuck_out_tongue: There is a way to make an endless line of redstone that never runs out of strength and has no delay… Just saying :3

Oh? Care to share how that is possible? I am just curious.

redstoneblock >,>