Need to Make Money? - Start a Career With BnS

[size=30pt]BUY 'n SELL

[size=16pt]Buy 'n sell is currently in the need of suppliers! If you’re looking to make money, this is a great opportunity you can’t pass up!

[size=12pt]Buy 'n Sell currently has little merchandise, do to many buyers. We’re looking to to restock and we need workers who are interested in making money. You can make hundreds, even thousands of dollars in a very short amount of time. BnS buys over 100 different items, so there is always something new to do!

[size=16pt]Popular Jobs
[size=12pt]○Log Chopper - $12.60 per stack
[size=12pt]○Quartz Miner - $42.00 per stack
[size=12pt]○Glowstone Miner - $35.00 per stack

[size=12pt]There are these jobs, and dozens more available to everyone interested in making money. There is no limit to how much you can sell, and you can sell at any time, even when I’m offline!

[size=16pt]Directions to Buy 'n Sell
[size=12pt]/warp market ➧ Turn Left ➧ Look for the GIANT purple arrow

On a side note, if anyone needs help with anything money/material related, just talk to me in game and I’ll be glad to help. :slight_smile:

Noty I have a job at McDonald’s

can i be a log chopper? i’d really love to get an actual paying job on pcb

Yeah, just go over to BnS, and sell!