Need to downgrade?

Need to downgrade your minecraft so you can come play on the server? Well dontcha worry about a thing, I found a pretty sweet program that lets you downgrade and update your minecraft anytime you want. So if you updated your minecraft to a version that the server doesnt currently support, then use this!

(I’ve replaced the link with the one Brodur suggested since the one i have suggested seems to be out of date.) Thanks brodur for finding a better one :slight_smile:

In order to get this one to work, just download, unzip it and place into a seperate file, and then open up the file that says MCnostalgia2.1.0(the one with the picture). Once its open it’ll give you a set instructions on how to downgrade to the chosen date.

Have fun.

Thanks for finding this ymb. I wasn’t able to search too much because of my school blocking everything. XD

You may also want to use MCNostagia to go back further.

ymb you realy helped ty. ;D

I’ve replaced the file to the one Brodur suggested since that one seems to be amazingly better than the one i’ve found… And that the one i found is somewhat out of date.

Why thank you :3

The last link was better can you put the last one agein pls