Need op! (Is this the right place?)

I am on the classic ProjectCityBuild and have built a structure that a trainee-op said was worth a builder, but they couldnt rank me. (I summoned them by typing /review)

I was wondering if an op would be kind enough to come online? I am Knightsy3000 on minecraft :wink:

No offense, but can the op who reviewed and recommended knightsy for builder verify this? Then the promotion will be as instantaneous as possible.

Very good chance this trainee op is jeff. He does not use the forums so I will check the build myself. Would you be able to tell me where your build is?

Map and coordinates would be great. If not, then just describe where. The maps get wiped, but I can still see deleted builds.

how do you get cords in classic?


Yes, it was jeff

Sword revied it but i dont know how to lock a thread?

you can’t, Staff and Classic Staff can. :slight_smile:

So lock???