Need more help

Ok, I just sorted my PC out and wanted to play minecraft but when i click login it says cant connect to
just installed java an went ok
then downloaded minecraft /downloaded ok
open minecraft an all i get is Can’t connect to

Ive tried copying files from my laptop witch works
now downloading Revo to uninstall java
tried deleting .minecraft an installing via playing in browser

PC system is XP

what do i do? keyboard already been smashed across the pc :stuck_out_tongue: *which broke my wired one… now using wireless keyboard :’(

Is it still giving you trouble? It sounds like was just down for a while. It is working for me right now.

OK right ,

video explains what ive tryed Sorry couldn’t upload video
Here is link to download video :


here is log
Download was easier:

I know my graphics card is on board but i got a Gforce 9500GT nothing specialbut got to put my other fan on it before it goes back in my pc.

SO i try play via browser . load then java just closes
same with mc thats when i try play offline but if i hit login it brings error up

Please dont suggest re download java or mc or delete .miecraft . coz i been there an done that. also copyed files from laptop laptop files worked on laptop but not on my desktop

also pc is nothing special so i dont really want others braging about their pcs, i just added info for abit of help

thanks in advanced . also spelling/grammar bad its because i’m tired


Ok i can connect to a server thats on the public server list on
also the Pcb survival server isnt on list?

The list is for Creative servers - not survival servers

well that explains that then, shame they don’t have a list for survival servers
ty andy

any advice on the other problem tho