my server has died up the ass and i have the level.dat file. I want to know who i can transver section/towns across the two servers. Can any body help?
do i do it through worldedit?

Worldedit is the easiest way

You select the area and use the command to save a schematic (Can’t remember it right now)
Then you can paste the schematic into the world you want it to be in.

If you need help. I can help you later, add me on skype (michaelorear)

For reference the command for that would be //copy and then //save and to load the selection somewhere else would be //load . I agree worldedit is probably the easiest way.

I only said it’s the easiest way because i dont know any other way xD

MCEdit. You can (in my opinion) make selections easier and move them easier :smiley:

Are you talking about the level.dat file inside the map folder, or am I missing something?